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In the mountains around Abanilla you will find many caves in which Gipsies lived in the middle of one of palm oases discontinuous similarly to deserts scanty area. In Murcia one also speaks every now and then of Palestine of Murcia....

La tonaThe town is to be received anxiously this character and has also renovated a washing place in which you can see even today women with the washing with the hand.

From the city center you can see on the mountain the statue of Jesus Christ. In the same mountain our Gipsy's cave – the Tablao "La Toná" is also.

On the way to us you will see many friendly, nice and helpful people who shut openly to strangers.

If you in our Tablao – this are a typical flamenco restaurant – you will stamp very fast in the energy feel which goes out from the cave. The in Spanish typical decoration of the cave, as well as our flamenco show supports this impression even further.

Our preoccupation is to provide for you the culture of the Spanish flamenco dance and his mood-loaded music.

The cave is like a small theater, in em you can pursue the faces, movements of the hands and feet of the artistes directly at close range – in detail. They are integrated as a guest directly into the show, the elegant movements on themselves leave and will feel the explosive energy of the artistes directly in themselves... They become a part of the show...

Before the show we give one there takes a cure in English languages introduction to the history of the flamenco, the difficult life of the Gipsies and the meaning which these caves had for the Gipsies.

baileIf you are interested in the culture of Spain, in the real flamenco, we invite you warmly to visit us in our flamenco cave "La Toná". A night with a new experience of passion and feeling expects them.



Welcome to real, traditional Spain, welcome to "La Toná".

Your team of "La Toná"